Sunday, May 11, 2008

Swim Lessons

Aidan started swim lessons last Tuesday. His lessons are given by a private instructor through ISR, or Infant Swim Resource. ( His instructor, Amy, is just wonderful, and I can't believe the progress he has made in just one week's worth of lessons. The first few lessons he screamed his head off, but by the 5th lesson he was doing awesome! The lessons are 10 minutes a day for 4-6 weeks. They are only 10 minutes because ISR believes that they become too exhausted after 10 minutes, and the lesson is no longer beneficial. I would highly recommend ISR to any parent looking to put their child in swim lessons!!

Happy Mother's Day....

to me!

I am so blessed to be the mommy to these two little boys :) I am one lucky gal!!

Go Connor Go!!

This babe is ready to start scootin' soon! He can roll over to his side from his back now also. The side is now his preferred sleeping position too. Aidan slept on his side and tummy from a week old....Connor was a back sleeper until about a week ago :)

"Tooter Scooter"

My mom bought Aidan this scooter when we got back to Jacksonville. He kept calling it his "tooter scooter" and I had no idea where he got it from until I realized that's what Wubzy (Wow Wow Wubzy) calls his scooter! Too funny! He loves his red helmet too. Anyways, I took these to get some practice with my new Canon Rebel :)