Friday, July 25, 2008

Tar Heel we come!

I didn't want to share the news until we were certain, but it's nearly a done deal now...we are moving to Wilmington, North Carolina! Larry is working on an affiliation between New Hanover Regional Medical Center and St. Matthews, and it looks like he will be finishing up his 4th year electives there! We are really excited about living in Wilmington. It's only about 6 1/2 hours north of Jacksonville, 10 minutes from the beach, and a few hours from the Smoky Mountains! Yay!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Titusville has a really nice YMCA, with a great pool area for kids. We decided to apply for a scholarship to the Y, since we are BROKE until our next loan installment comes in. We got approved and we've been spending lots of time at the pool there! It's a nice break for Larry from his studies too. Aidan has met lots of other kids to play with, girls in particular, he he ;) Yesterday there was a girls' summer camp there and Aidan had about 5 cute little girls taking turns holding, hugging, and kissing him! Aidan, of course, was in heaven! These are from our first visit though...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Mason's

We're down in Titusville at Larry's parents' house for the next month. Here's a little of what we've been up to down here:

Aidan makes cupcakes with Grandma Mason...

Connor is ready to start crawling any day now...

Aidan got into the cupcakes....

Aidan, Larry, and Grandpa Mason fishing at the lake in their neighborhood...

Also, Larry is hitting the books pretty hard in preparation for his Step 2 exams. He'll be taking those within the next few weeks. I'll be so happy when those are behind him and he can enjoy the rest of the year....and squeeze in some quality time with us before residency starts :)

The pool that fell from the sky

A few days before we left for Titusville, I was talking to my mom about buying Aidan a little kiddie pool for his Grandma and Grandpa Mason's house. I was even looking online at Target, Wal-Mart, etc. After our conversation about buying Aidan the kiddie pool ended, I left to go run some errands. Aidan stayed home with my mom so I could pick up some of my belongings from my parents' beach condo. In typical Florida style, an afternoon storm was moving in, with some pretty strong gusts of wind coming through just before the storm started. My mom and Aidan were sitting in front of the window watching the wind blow when an actual kiddie pool FELL OUT OF THE SKY and landed in our driveway! NO JOKE!! Isn't that crazy??!! My mom made a few calls to some of their neighbors with kids, however the pool didn't belong to anyone in their neighborhood. So we kept it!

I brought the pool with us to Titusville, and after a thorough cleaning we filled it up with water and it was ready to go! Aidan loves the pool, and he loves telling the story about how the pool fell out of the sky, just for him! I guess that book, The Secret, really does have some truth to it!