Monday, October 06, 2008

Our new puppy

Introducing....Raleigh, our new golden retriever! We named her Raleigh after the capital of North Carolina, since she was born here in NC! The boys love her to death! Aidan has been taking good care of her. They have been inseperable since we brought her home yesterday. She is very well-behaved and is really good around the boys. She lets Connor pull her whiskers and Aidan carry her around. We chose a Golden for their reputation of being very good with children. So far, so good!

Soccer practice

Aidan has been playing soccer at the Wilmington YMCA every Saturday morning. His team is called the Wolverines, and they just play for competing yet. They practice kicking the ball back and forth to each other, jumping over cones and then kicking the ball into the goal, and having little scrimage games. Aidan loves it, and the kids all have alot of fun. So far we've only had one meltdown from Aidan, because they used his "green" soccer ball for a scrimage and he got very possessive over HIS ball. He kept trying to pick it up and run off with it while they were scrimaging. Other than that, everything has been pretty smooth. It's so funny watching the kids get distracted and run off to pick grass or chase bugs flying around. Such a cute age.....