Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer and Monkey Joe's

It was a GOOD day :) We had Aidan's first soccer practice at the YMCA at 8:45 am. It was the cutest thing ever! The kids actually got the hang of things pretty fast. Their coach had them run around and then "freeze" when he blew his whistle, jump over little orange cones, and kick their soccer balls into the goal. They don't actually compete yet, they just learn the basics. It's nice because it's all about having fun right now without the competition. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics yet, but they should be getting their jerseys in this week, so I will make sure to remember the camera next Saturday.

After lunch, we took Aidan to play at a place called Monkey Joe's. SO much fun! They had about 8 or 9 of those huge inflated bouncing things with the slides. In fact, I don't know who had more fun, Aidan, or Larry and I, lol! At first, Aidan was really hesitant to get into any of the bounce gyms, but after (much) coaxing from Larry and I, he loosened up. (Including me acting like an idiot bouncing up and down and laughing hysterically because I was actually having a BLAST!) By the end we couldn't get him off the things! I didn't bring my camera to Monkey Joe's either, but here is their web address if anyone is interested in seeing what it was all about.


esther said...

Sound like you are all haveing a blast. I like the new look on your blog.

Tippetts said...

Trisha I wish you guys were here- I just got the Sex in the City movie from Netflix and NO ONE to watch it with!

Trisha Mason said...

Hey Megan! What did you think of the SATC movie? We rented it the other night too!